Making sense of the senseless

Another day, another mass shooting. With Friday’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, CO we are once again reminded that on any given day senseless violence can touch lives. Contrary to the political rhetoric that usually accompanies these senseless tragedies, this is not a uniquely American phenomenon. This is not an American gun control issue. Random acts of aggression targeting innocents is a daily occurrence the world over.

Does the FACT that this happens around the world offer any comfort, not particularly. I merely point it out by way of bringing attention to the broader question which in my view is, what has gotten into people? Violence (in far to many cases gun violence) is the preferred method of solving disagreements and expressing displeasure with the views or practices we don’t agree with. These acts of violence perpetrated by unhinged individuals with poor impulse control seems to me to be the larger problem. The question that arises from that realization is, what can be done about it?

This is a societal issue and one where the solution won’t be legislation based. You can’t force people to become better people. This needs to start with parents and communities. People need to come together to craft community based solutions focusing on non violent conflict resolution. We need to learn to respect each other for our differences and the things that make each of us unique as HUMAN BEINGS. The truth is I don’t have to like you. I don’t have to agree with or believe in things you do. What we do need to do as humans is learn to respect and respectfully disagree when situations call for it. There is an old saying that has either been forgotten nor isn’t being shared with the current generation… If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If you don’t feel that you can disagree without resorting to a bullying, name calling, insulting or disparaging tone perhaps it would be worth considering not saying anything and choosing to walk away. Above all, violence is not a means to settle disputes or disagreements in a civilized society. Just some things to consider given the increasingly hostile climate we are seeing in today’s world.

Have a great day.

For anyone interested in a video about non violent conflict resolution this may be of interest: